How to participate

  - Send two original works on paper size 210 x 297 mm. (Din A4) to the address below:
(Works should be unique, so, please don’t send  prints, etchings, silkscreens,  photos, or digital images. Occasionally we make an exception for a clear, signed and indicated as such, monotype)
DIN A 4 – La Casa Holandesa - Terra dell' Arte
Margareth Degeling / Manuel Azaro Poelstra
Dalmatië   5
3831 EE – Leusden
The Netherlands

- Send your works, by regular mail or courier, in a solid package, together with the following printed information: actual address, email address.
- Send by e mail your actual address, email address, website, artistic background, exhibitions etc. and photos of the 2 Din A4 works that you want to enter. Optionally, but highly recommended, 1 personal photo (passport like) to (click directly or copy and paste in your mail server):
- You will be sent a receipt by email and we will send you more information as the need arises during this project.
- For all artists who are not explicitly invited there will be a selection process in order to maintain the overall quality of the Din 4 project.
- Selected works are at the disposal of the DIN A4 Project, for the continuation of non-profit making cultural activities such as exhibitions and publication in Internet.
- We will handle and store the works to professional standards.
Due to the scale of the project, we cannot be responsible for loss or damage to the works during transport or to other unforeseen circumstances.
- We will pass your address, with your permission, to interested visitors in order to contact you (Please inform us if you do not wish your address to be given)
- Sending your works means the full acceptance of the conditions pointed out above.
(Should your works not be selected for the project we will only send them back to you at your own expense. Please indicate your acceptance of this condition)